Monday, January 6, 2014

New Bones

It's been a while since I've had time to update the blog ... sorry!  Bret got all of the sandblasting finished on the trailer frame, painted it and began rebuilding.  After this photo, he decided to add some extra metal bracing while he had her stripped down. :)

...Does this look a little more sturdy?

Gotta Love Christmas Break!


Here is where we are as of today... You just gotta love Christmas break! :)  Bret is so amazing at figuring out how every little piece of the puzzle has to fit back together.  We are now bending the mahogany over the top but the wind chills today are -35* and we just can't keep the shop warm enough to work.  Dreaming of balmy 35* days to come so that we can go further. 

Hope you noticed the flooring already down.  Love, love, love the pattern and am so very glad that we special-ordered the 9" square instead of using the readily-available 12" square. 

Here are the inner wheel wells. Bret couldn't find exactly the size we needed new and the original ones were completely rusted through.  So, since he has access to a metal brake through his construction company, he made his own.  (Such a handy guy....)
And just in case you were wondering how he made everything match up to the original... Here is his layout table with the original skin on it from one side.  We will use the original tin after we get the infrastructure re-built.

Oh, How I Love My Brother-In-Law!

I've had everyone everywhere on the lookout for turquoise and yellow melmac dishes that I want to use in Peggy Sue.  For my birthday, my brother-in-law Jerry brought me a whole box of it that he has collected over the last few months until he had the complete set for me!  I was SO excited!!  And, yes... I DO love my brother-in-law...

What Happens While I'm At Work....

So, I come home from work one day and head to the shop to see what Bret accomplished today.  I was pretty excited because it had been too cold for him to go put siding on for a client so I knew he had been home all day.  THIS is what I found in the shop!  And, if you'll notice, it's complete with table and chair so I can get a visual. ;)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Do you think we're crazy yet...? :)

NOW!  All of the de-construction is finally finished and we can begin re-building!  It's starting to get exciting all of a sudden.  Wish we didn't have to work for a living so we could just play all day. :)

Bret just can't wait to get goin' on this deal.  He's outside sandblasting the frame in between our Senior Photo Sessions this afternoon. LOL.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Like A Roller Coaster Ride...!

We had just a couple of hours very early this morning to work on Peggy Sue.  We got started taking her skin off.  I told Bret, "It's just like riding a really big roller coaster.  SO scary and SO exciting all at the same time!"  :)  Here are the latest pics... poor girl...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Color Scheme for Exterior Paint??

This is my current idea of how I would like the outside of Peggy Sue to look when all finished.  I (very quickly) threw this together in Photoshop just to see if Bret and I both liked it, and... we do!  Will see if we change our minds before we get to the actual paint job but so far, this design and colors are winning. :)  Did I tell you how much fun we're having?!?!?